Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let`s Make Banana WinE....!!!!

     wine is an alcoholic beverage made ​​from fruit juice. to obtain good-quality alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to note how the selection of raw material for making wine, the old way of processing and storage. wine quality is largely determined by the color, flavor, and its chemical composition (sugars, alcohols, acids, methil alcohol, etc.).
       Bananas used to the smell of raw materials should be strong. type of strong-scented bananas such as banana, king sere, and klutuk. other than a ripe banana fruit leather can also be utilized as a grape fruit.
            as an auxiliary material in the manufacture of fruit wines is a yeast. type of yeast that is often used in fermenting wine is fruit of the genus Sacharomyces, type Sacharomyces cerevisiae, and Sacharomyces ellipacideus. when the type of yeast is difficult to obtain, yeast bread or yeast can also be used.
             Based on alcohol content and sugar, wine, divided into:
1. wines that do not contain carbon dioxide (still wines)
2. wines containing carbon dioxide (sparkling wines)
3. wine that has no sugar because of all the sugar

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